Honda OBD1 ECU chipping/tuning info

C14 main cap replacement:

Replacement long life 220uf 35v capacitor for board location C14 on OBD1 civic / integra ECU’s. The original capacitor has a life span of around 15-20 years, which is about how old most OBD1 ECU’s are. When the capacitor blows it usually burns the solder tracks on the board making the ECU almost useless. Replacing as a preventative measure will give you peace of mind that the ECU will continue functioning for a long time. Install in the same direction as the original capacitor with the white marked side facing away from the ECU plugs.




Replacement Capacitor Set for USDM OBD1 Civic / Integra ECU’s
Set of replacement minor capacitors for all common OBD1 US Civic/ Integra ECU’s. OBD1 ECU’s have many capacitors on the circuit board that begin to leak over time. The leaking fluid from these capacitors ends up damaging the ECU board and causing ECU problems if left unattended

capacitors to replace

P5552-ND            C14 (220uF 35V)      0.42   Digikey
P5549-ND            C15 (33uF  35V)      0.18   Digikey
P5518-ND            C18 (220uF 10V)      0.30   Digikey
P5549-ND            C19 (33uF  35V)      0.18   Digikey
P5549-ND            C21 (33uF  35V)      0.18   Digikey
493-1733-ND         C24 (47uF  10V)      0.23   Digikey
P5517-ND            C40 (100uF 10V)      0.18   Digikey



Honda ecu chipping info


This is the most complete kit on the market for Chipping Honda ECUs.

This Kit Contains:

SST 27SF512 Chip*
28-Pin Collet Socket
28-Pin Low-Profile ZIF Socket
74HC373 Logic Chip
0 Ohm resistor for J1
1k Resistor
0.1 uF Capacitors
4-Pin Datalogging header
Replacement capacitor for C14 position (preventive measure)

ECU Compatibility:This kit is compatible with the following US 1992-1995 Honda ECUs:

P28 – 1992-1995 Civic Ex/Si | Del Sol Si
P30 – 1992-1995 Del Sol VTEC
P61 – 1992-1993 Integra GS-R
P72 – 1994-1995 Integra GS-R
P75 – 1992-1995 Integra RS/LS/GS/SE
P05 – 1992-1995 Civic CX
P06 – 1992-1995 Civic DX

Software Compatibility

This kit is fully compatible with Honda Tuning Software/ROM Editors such as:

– Uberdata
– Hondata**

Product Features:

– Low Profile ZIF (Zero-Insertion Force) Socket for easy chip removal without bending the legs.
– Filtering capactitors to ensure data integrity from the EEPROM
– 2Timer Compatibility – The SST 27SF512 Chip can hold two roms. Instant Switching between these is made possible by the Moates 2Timer.

*This kit no longer comes with Atmel 29C256 chips, as they have been long since discontinued by Atmel. The SST chip is a direct replacement when using the Moates Burn1 chip burner. This chip is twice the capacity as the old Atmel chips. On larger chips, the Honda ECU will automatically read the upper half of the chip (addresses 8000 – FFFF). The Moates Burn1 will automatically burn Honda ROMs to these addresses. When using chips burners other than the Moates Burn1, you will need to tell the software to program addresses 8000 – FFFF instead of 0000 – 7FFF. Usually this is called the ‘Offset’.

**Note Hondata S100/S200 systems will require a non-latched 4-pin Header for the CN2 port. If you are using this for Hondata, please add a comment in your order so we can accomodate you

Please also note that you have the option of ordering ‘Through-Hole’ or ‘Surface Mount’. If you have the rectangular or U.S.-made ‘large’ ECU, then you should get the Through-Hole kit (default, most common). If you have the small, square ‘JDM’ ECU, then you should get the Surface Mount kit.

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