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When is my order going to ship? Please see our Delivery Info Page that has our schedule and will answer most questions.

Live Support Session

Do not try and start a remote session with us unless you are talking to us on the phone or have made an appointment for us to expect you.  If you get a message such as  ‘not available’, then you need to speak with us first to be sure we’re scheduled and ready for you. 

If you would like a ‘live’ technical support session, where we can take control of your computer remotely to help you walk through  troubleshooting or tutorial exercises, please contact us via email ( [email protected] or via our website "LIVE CHAT"

And use this link once instructed:  https://get.teamviewer.com/boostednw

A high-speed ‘wired’ internet connection is preferred for these sessions.  We have done them over phones and cellular data devices but it’s usually not a good connection


Items sold through boostednw.com including tuning products may be designed for off-road/race use only, and are not applicable for vehicles in states that require pollution controlled vehicles. California (CARB) & other states prohibit the sale or use of some aftermarket parts, including those that tamper with, modify or defeat emissions systems in any 1966 and newer vehicles. BoostedNW LLC prohibits the use of these products on emission controlled vehicles. These parts are sold for OFF ROAD, RACE-ONLY, ground-vehicle use only in a controlled environment.

BoostedNW LLC does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads. Customers are solely responsible for ensuring all products purchased are used in a legal manner.