When is my order going to ship? Please see our Delivery Info Page that has our schedule, holiday closures, and will answer most questions.
You can also click here to view the status updates page to see if there are any updates affecting normal Shipping or ECU Services times.
ATTENTION: Messages (Website, email, socials, Phone) will be answered ASAP! We are extremely busy at the moment and working our best to get all orders out asap, and all messages answered ASAP! Thank you for your understanding!

Delivery Information

For current Shipping and ECU Services STATUS UPDATES click here

** WE DO NOT CHARGE CARDS UNTIL ORDERS SHIP ** - If you regularly lock your card for security purposes please let us know at the time of purchase and we will charge it right then that way its not declined later.

F.A.Q -

    Q: I paid for 1-2 day shipping and my order hasn't shipped yet, why?
    A: Paying for faster shipping does not expedite how fast we can send the order out, the 1-2 day time frame is the time it takes from when it leaves our location to get to your location. If you want Expedited processing you can add that for a $25(this has nothing to do with the amount you pay at checkout for shipping, that is for actual postage after it leaves our facility) Rush order fee(Click here, add this to your cart and we will rush process and ship your order next business day).

    Q: My order status shows "Assembling order pre shipping" for days now, when is my order going to ship?
    A: Your order goes in this status after someone processes the order, prints pick list & puts it in the line of other orders, and will stay this status until the day it ships which it will then change to "packaging for shipping"

    Q: How long does it take to ship my order?
    A: Please see the chart below to cross reference your order date, to expected ship date. These times are not guaranteed and only a (usually very accurate) Estimate, but may vary depending on our work load.

    Q: how long does it take to arrive after shipping?
    A: That depends on what shipping method you chose at checkout, it should have gave you an estimated time. That time is ONLY the time that it should take AFTER it leaves our shop and is in transit by the carrier.

    Q: My ecu hasn't shipped yet according to the schedule?
    A: ECU's may take a day or two longer during our busier times. Rest assured we are working to get your order out ASAP!

    Q: Do you Ship International?

    A: Yes, WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! ( Although if you choose the cheaper International shipping, it can take 11-20+ Business days to make final delivery depending on location and delivery times are not guaranteed.)


CANCELLING AFTER ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED IN "PACKAGING FOR SHIPPING" STATUS WILL RESULT IN A 15% RESTOCKING FEE.( At this point in the order process we have already charged card and been charged FEES, and have already likely created the shipping label and been charged. Thus the "restocking" fee to cover these fees and costs associated with cancelling an order this far in the order process)

Shipping Info:

US/Domestic Shipments:

  • Typical delivery times 1-5 days(if you choose priority mail) after your order ships depending on your distance from us. (Holidays are Exceptions to this there could be delays from us not working on holidays or the carriers not delivering)
  • Your items will be shipped USPS (method of your choice, either first class package, or Priority Mail) and will be insured for the value of the package.
  • You will receive an email with your tracking number after your order ships and its entered into our system.

International shipments: Shipped via USPS/GlobalPost, International packages can be tracked Here.

Processing Times:

Under Normal processing times, Items are shipped out on Monday,  Wednesdays & Fridays. ( these are NORMAL times, They are NOT Guaranteed. Order volumes and parts supply delays can cause slight delays, we are always working to get your order shipped ASAP. Also you are not charged[and we are not paid] until your items are processed to ship, so its in our interest to get orders shipped ASAP!) We are a very small business and do our best to get orders shipped as quickly as possible. There are also possibilities on what you order, it could ship sooner(all depends on stock levels and backlog)  (Holidays are Exceptions, if we do not work holidays and have the site indicating we are closed, the order processing will be delayed until we are back in office, see expected closures at bottom of page)

If you order between Tuesday 11:59am(pst) and Thursday 11:59am (pst) your order will be shipped the following Monday

If you order between Thursday 11:59am (pst) and Saturday 11:59am (pst) your order will be shipped on Wednesday

If you order between Saturday 11:59am (pst) and before Tuesday at 11:59am (pst) Your order will be shipped Friday.

** notice, 1pm times below are wrong and have not been changed on chart yet, we have changed to 11:59am as cut off as our mail pickup changed**

last updated: 4/9/2024


Custom made or spec items (ecus, basemaps, tunes, refurbish & repair services, and pre order items may fall outside these normal shipping times due to how busy we are at that time)

Click here to view your order history. Find the order in question then click on the view button to view the order information. We add tracking numbers to the order history as soon as they are available( if you scroll down you will see order history).



Memorial Day 5/26/23 to 5/29/23 back on 5/30/23

Independence day 7/4/23

Labor Day 9/1/23 to 9/4/23 back on 9/5/23

Thanksgiving (11/22/23 to 11/24/23 and we are closed on weekends so back in operations 11/27/23)

Christmas (12/22/23 to 12/25/23 - back on 12/26/23)


New years day 1/1/2024 - back on 1/2/2024

Memorial Day 5/24/24 to 5/27/24 back on 5/28/24 ( No shipments on 5/27/24, will ship on 5/29/24)

Independence day 7/4/23 to 7/5/23 (no shipping) and we are closed on weekends so back in operations 7/8/24)

Labor Day 8/30/24 to 9/2/24 back on 9/3/24

Thanksgiving (11/28/24 to 11/29/24 and we are closed on weekends so back in operations 12/2/24)

Christmas 12/25/24

New years day 1/1/2025 - back on 1/2/2025


NOTE: These are holidays WE do not work, there are additional federal holidays that USPS (United States Postal Service) does not operate on, those holidays will also not have any shipping and the packages will go out the next shipping day.


Shipping times are an estimate from the carrier, No delivery time is a guarantee. The delivery estimate starts from the day that the order leaves our warehouse. If you want expedited service(processing) you have to order that separately. Every order is processed according to our schedule you can see here ( https://boostednw.com/delivery ), processing time has nothing to do with the delivery estimate you see at checkout. Since none of these times are guaranteed and are just estimates, no shipping refunds will be given due to not meeting a specific "estimated" time you seen at checkout or some arbitrary time that you expected without fully understanding the processing times and that shipping "estimates" are just that... ESTIMATES.



Items sold through boostednw.com including tuning products may be designed for off-road/race use only, and are not applicable for vehicles in states that require pollution controlled vehicles. California (CARB) & other states prohibit the sale or use of some aftermarket parts, including those that tamper with, modify or defeat emissions systems in any 1966 and newer vehicles. BoostedNW LLC prohibits the use of these products on emission controlled vehicles. These parts are sold for OFF ROAD, RACE-ONLY, ground-vehicle use only in a controlled environment.

BoostedNW LLC does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads. Customers are solely responsible for ensuring all products purchased are used in a legal manner.