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Burner Features

  • Now with HONDA USB Datalogging Option built in! 2 devices in ONE unit! ( Select option for Honda datalogging/cable & header to be included )
  • 12V Power mode enabled for chips that need 12v for write/erase ( no need for external power, Self powered from USB 5v)
  • Built/Assembled and Fully Tested in the USA.
  • Burner can also be used to read stock GM memcals using the Moates HDR1 adapter or our version the MCA.
  • Direct integrations with Honda Tuning Suite (HTS) & TunerPro RT.
  • Will read most stock-style chips (2732A, 27C128/256/512/etc).
  • Tired of the confusing 2-timer chip burning? No problem, built In! (SEE BELOW IMAGE)
  • Comes with stand-alone chip programming software (available for download - see below).
  • Has the ability to write/re-write "fake" SST chips, allowing the chips to be used time and time again unlike with the burn2. (VIDEO OF TESTING DEVELOPMENT VERSION). The chips are not "Fake" the previous burners just did not have the ability to write/erase them, this one solves that problem allowing thousands of writes, erases, and re-writes just like the previous "Genuine SST Chips". We cannot guarantee it will burn EVERY single type of fake chip, but we have covered a wide range and every one we tested it works 100% perfectly just as genuine chips. We will continue to add support for other fake/clone chips as we come across them.

What you get: (chip in picture not included unless ordered as an add-on)

  • BoostedNW Burner
  • 6 foot Mini-USB cable is included
  • Ease of use with direct HTS integration and easy to use software. No confusing offsets and settings to get right just to burn, just LOAD FILE AND CLICK BURN(WRITE)!
  • Free Basic Product Support from Live agents avaliable every day.
  • 1 year warranty


Our BoostedNW Burner/Chip Programmer allows you to easily program your EEPROM chips without the need for an external power source.

Simply connect the programmer to your computer's USB port, select the desired chip, and start programming.

The user-friendly interface and software make it easy to use, even for those without prior programming experience.

The compact and portable design makes it a great tool for use in a variety of settings, including at home, in the shop, or on the go.

Direct Integrations:

These direct integrations mean you can burn directly from within the HTS & TunerPro RT software and there is no additonal program needed! For other programs you can use your .bin file and our provided program.

We made the BoostedNW Burner/Chip Programmer to fulfill the need of people looking for the Moates Burn2 (The `BURN2`) that there is no longer any stock of and moates closed down. (check bottom of page for product update timeline)Our burner was designed around the same case, but we had to find new components, and write all our own code(firmware and windows utility) for the burner. The parts shortages are what led moates to being out of stock and discontinuing many items, and overall closing down the business. We have been able to source different parts for our design and get quantity of them to make many burners and have no problem re-designing if need be to accomodiate any future parts shortages.

Our burner/USB Chip Programmer works with the following chips: 

27SF256 ( SST27SF256 )
27SF512 ( SST27SF512 )

Please note that those most of the chips listed can be used as drop-in replacements for most EFI applications. SOME clone chips may still not work as we cannot test every single chinese clone out there: in this case, if you don't know if yours is a genuine SST chip or other genuine chip, we recommend you pick some up with your order here: https://boostednw.com/sst-27SF512 or grab a dual tune (2timer) SST chip here: https://boostednw.com/honda-sst-chip-adapter-with-2-timer



HTS version with burner enabled: HERE ( not in current HTS release because they haven't released update yet, they provided this version so people could have it working until the main update comes out)

USB Driver HERE (if needed, should be automatic on windows 10 and above.  No need to install unless you have an install conflict)


Designed, Assembled and Fully Tested in the USA.









Click here to see product launch/update timeline

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BoostedNW Chip Burner

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