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This item is a direct replacement for the Moates G1 Memory Adapter

** If you add the ZIF socket option(as seen in last picture), we will install/solder in the ZIF socket instead of the normal socket.** The ZIF Socket helps reduce chip bent pins during removal/reinstall over and over, the lever lets you easily install and remove chip many over and over. **

This is an adapter that allows a chip or emulator to be plugged into OBD1 memcal based GM PCMs


Assembled and Fully Tested in the USA.

Our adapter allows you to customize your ecu or pcm by bypassing your factory tuning, and allowing you to insert your own custom programmed chip without the hassle of tearing apart your stock memcal. This can be useful if you plan on returning your car back to stock, or need to use your stock memcal as a template for a newly modified ecu.

The GM1 Works with many different GM chipped EFI applications including:

The GM1 is compatible with the following vehicles:

1986-1993 TPI & LT1
94-95 TBI trucks
The G1 is compatible with the following chips:

SST 27SF512
27C128/256/512 based eeproms

Note: In order to run limp mode and spark retard this adapter requires your stock memcal.

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GM1 Memory Adapter

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