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Chipped/Socketed P28 ECU - comes with adapter for chip as well as the socket for a demon/demon2 board or other RTP. If you do not need the chip adapter simply unplug and use RTP pins directly into the socket on the ECU Board.

(main picture above shows fully refurbished P28 ECU, chipped and PWM(boost by gear) components installed, with our black powder coated frame, and clear plexiglass cover) 

ECU Completely Refurbished, Inspected, and Tested.

  • All Electrolytic Capacitors replaced with new longer life capacitors. ( Old Leaky capacitors are the main reason of ecu failure, since these ecu's are 25+ years old, we replace all of them...Giving these ECUs a new lease on life)
  • Board completely cleaned and original protective coating removed before de-soldering and soldering in new components.
  • New chipping or socketing components installed. (choose without chip option if you are planning on using a Hondata, moates demon2, or other RTP Board)
  • Clip in style datalogging header installed for CN2 port.
  • Apply new conformal coating to both sides of board after final cleaning and inspection for ultimate protection to the solder points to moisture.
  • All BoostedNW ECU's, products, and services include a One Full Year Warranty.

* the core ECU that is used may originally be an auto or manual ECU, we convert all auto ECU's to manual when we chip/socket. If you need an auto p28 please specify that when ordering

* if you do not order powder coated version you may get original metal colored ecu/covers... Or flat black regular paint. Powder coated version shown in some of the pictures is an option. We also have different colors of powder coat if you want something custom

* If we do not have any p28 cores in stock, we use other compatible ECU's and add the proper components to make it the same as a p28, and configured to your specs. ( Only thing the other ecu's(non p28) are missing compared to a p28 is the components that are for VTEC, we add the components thus making them the same as a p28)

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Chipped/Socketed P28 ECU

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