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  • OBD1 Honda Chipping Services

We offer chipping services and parts installation for your stock obd1 Honda ECU. This allows for the use of a custom-tuned chip from BoostedNW. This process involves you sending us your ECU and then we send it back to you in chipped form. This includes a custom Honda Tuning Suite (HTS) base map to closely meet your custom engine/modifications.(if you choose that add-on option)


We offer several options for this service for added charges, below are the details:


  • Replace all capacitors: We replace all the electrolytic capacitors on the board which due to the age of this generation of ECUs is the main cause of any failures that sometimes end up completely destroying the ECU circuit boards if not replaced. They end up leaking a fluid that damages the circuit board, or possibly even burning up and burning holes in the board when they fail  which most of the time renders the board/ECU unusable without major modifications/repairs. Overall this is a good option to choose unless your ecu has already had them replaced. This comes STANDARD on all complete ECU's we sell here.

  • Fully Refurbish board/Connections: This service includes stripping the circuit board of all protective coating and any corrosion on all the connections before doing our work, completing the chipping process and all the soldering, completely cleaning again a  final time and then coating the board and all solder points with a conformal coating that is the same as originally used to protect the ECU circuit board and components.

  • Custom Painted ECU case/frame: We can strip down to bare metal and paint your case/covers (black, white, silver colors are standard options, others may be small additional charge)

  • Custom Powder coated ECU case/frame: We strip down the frame and covers of the ECU and professionally powder coat them (Black, white, Sour Apple Green, chrome, metallic blue IN STOCK) other colors would be additional charge for non stocked color, just send email after order and we can send you color options based off what general color you are looking for.


The ECU’s You can send us to chip/socket are:

P05 92-95 Civic CX (non Vtec)
P06 92-95 Civic DX/LX (non Vtec)
P28 92-95 Civic EX/Si (Vtec)
P30 93-95 DelSol DOHC Vtec Si/EG SiR
PR4 92-93 Integra LS/RS/GS (non Vtec)
P75 94-95 Integra LS (non Vtec)
P61 92-93 Integra GSR (Vtec)
P72 94-95 Integra GSR (Vtec)


P08, PR3, P30, P72


Shipping on this item includes cost for prepaid label(you can print and tape on box) we will send you to so you can send the ECU to us, and the cost for sending it back after chipping/customizing. Which is why it will seem high because it is double the cost of one way so you can get it to us easily and then the cost of return shipping

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OBD1 Honda Chipping Services

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